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Summer is supposed to mark a period of relaxation. A little downtime. A slower pace. A time to rethink. Recharge. Regenerate. And – in my case – redesign!Although I haven’t had the luxury of a slow summer (instead I’ve had the privilege of a busy housing summer in my neck of the woods…and I’m not complaining!!), I am focusing some energy, thought and creativity on launching a brand new website. This website will properly introduce and integrate my team – if you haven’t met them yet, please check out this link to our intro video:

My new website will be even more user friendly, easily directing people towards my Oakville listings, Jen’s Mississauga listings and Tammy’s Milton listings. As well, viewers will be able to read our Blogs directly on the site, with easy access to past Blogs. And of course in this video age, a large number of my videos will be available for viewing including my series “Real Estate 411”, “One Minute Home Tips” and “SOLD!” I am especially excited about my new “Living” series which will showcase and explore the cities and communities we sell in, video by video. We’ll also have a FAQs section (both written and video!!) to answer all your most Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions. And of course, my team’s latest Facebook postings will be on the front page of the website so you can keep up with all of our Real Estate tips, updates, alerts, jokes, general thoughts and pet peeves. (Are you a FAN yet? Why not? Go to the Facebook link on my website and hit LIKE when you link to the Krisztina Neglia Real Estate Team page!!) You can look forward to lots of interactive content in the future.

People have always said that I’ve been on the cutting edge when it comes to new technology. I embrace the Buyer’s ability to browse the web before choosing a Real Estate Agent. The more information they can glean about me online, the better prepared they are when we meet. I am often astounded at Clients’ readiness to sign with me  – and it’s because they’ve taken the time to check out my website, watch my Client Testimonial videos, watch my Choosing a Real Estate Agent video and the like. I am hoping my 3 video series of Frequently Asked Questions will also serve as prelude to any meetings – it’s all in there!!  Social Media is my next conquest. I am constantly educating myself on how to properly integrate Facebook and Twitter into my marketing efforts. The challenges are never ending – and that’s what I love about this business. I can’t wait to see the finished result of this redesign and hope you enjoy it.
Watch for a September launch!!