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You’ve met Jennifer Patterson and you’ve met Tammy Dubreuil. Now it’s time to meet the heart of my team, Cathy Braun. Cathy and I have been working together for 5 years now. I know you’ve heard me talk of her before – she multi-tasks as our Administrator, Marketing Coordinator, Client Care Manager and General Bullshit Detector. (Can I use that word if it’s in a title?!?) Cathy always has my back and that allows me to function at my best in the field. She is also a licensed Sales Representative so she can back any of us up when needed, be it Open Houses, Home Inspections or Offers. Now that’s peace of mind! We have an excellent dynamic and a great deal of respect for each other.

After earning an Honours BA from St. Michael’s College at U of T (and spending 2 summers in Siena doing courses!!), Cathy started out working for a Builder in the production department and later in sales and marketing. She spent 10 years learning all the ins and outs, ultimately handling all the sales offices and marketing materials. The jump into Real Estate was a natural next step and something she could juggle while raising 2 sons. She is soon going to be an empty-nester though – her eldest, Jeff, is in his third year of a 4 year Flight program at Seneca College and her younger son, Scott, is heading to college in September 2011 to become a teacher in Drama and English.

Although she has numerous interests (making jewellery, gardening, reading and a certain scrabble addiction), I would have to say she is defined by her love of travel. Cruises have become her latest addiction and although she can’t say for sure, she thinks she has been on upwards of 20. Her favourite? Alaska. The whales breaching, bubble net feeding, zip lining, helicoptering to the glacier, float plane over the fjords…who could argue!! (As this is being written, Cathy is currently on a cruise through Turkey and Italy with her son!!) I must admit, I was personally a bit of a cruise snob…not for me, I thought. But in 2010, as a year-end bonus, I surprised Cathy with a cruise for the two of us and it was pretty great – lots of sun and good company. I am proud to say that through the last 5 years, we have gone from being business associates to being friends.

Cathy was extremely supportive of the team expansion and looks forward to the four of us meshing as a Team. As to the future, she has committed to being the glue that holds my team together and in check (and sane!!) for the next 5 years and beyond that…who knows. But I do know that she will always be a friend.

PS Please check out my latest videos in my series, SOLD! below.


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