Meet Jennifer Patterson


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As promised, I will be doing a series of Blogs introducing you to my Team Members. Today I would like to officially introduce you to Jennifer Patterson. Jen has been working with me since November 2010. I was looking for an experienced Sales Representative who could expand my business, specialize in the growing Toronto condo market, serve the Toronto market in general and be my #1 backup in Oakville and Mississauga. Jen had been working on her own in my RE/MAX office and I loved her energy and professionalism. She shares my sense of integrity, my work ethic and my drive and she always goes 120% for her Clients. In a way, she balances me and I would consider her the ‘softer’ one (although I have seen her in Tiger Mode!!). She knows the condo market inside and out and she has been the perfect addition to my team.

Jen graduated from York University with an Honours Degree in Fine Art. Her next step was a combined Law and MBA degree…but as she sat in a room with acceptances for this program from York in one hand and U of T in the other, she realized she should be a heck of a lot happier. This ultimately became a defining moment in Jen’s life (and my ultimate gain…hah!) as she embarked on a soul-searching trip to Europe to plot out what the rest of her life might look like. When she returned to Canada, she knew she wanted financial security and she knew she wanted to own investment properties, so she decided to educate herself in the Real Estate Market by taking her Real Estate License to better understand  how to invest. And something happened…she fell in love with the real estate game and embarked on a career as a Real Estate Agent!!

Top-notch Client Service comes naturally to Jen. While putting herself through university, she bartended at many of Toronto’s hottest night clubs and worked retail at the same time. To me, that’s the perfect foundation for understanding Client service. As well, her parents had the foresight to enroll her in French immersion starting in Kindergarten. She then parlayed her French fluency into a command of both Spanish and Italian. Her languages have served her well as she traveled extensively through the Caribbean and Europe. This is another belief that we share – it’s a big world out there, full of fresh ideas and fresh perspectives, with so much to learn from other cultures. In fact Jen even spent a month in South Africa working with Rotary. There she worked at medical clinics (playing and reading to the kids), she sorted books in warehouses and most memorably, she helped assemble makeshift wheelchairs from donations of plastic chairs, metal frames and bicycle tires. Her best takeaway from that experience: the littlest things can make the biggest difference!

Jen is not only an expert in the Condo market, she also lives in one. She is a big proponent of condo living – it’s easy and it’s safe, she says. She loves not having to do any outdoor maintenance, she appreciates having an in-house gym and enjoys being close to friends, activities and her social life. Living in the DNA Condos, she also can’t say enough about the King St. West neighbourhood! She loves having great shops, lounges and restaurants at her doorstep, but it’s also close to the lake and lots of parkland with running and bike trails at her disposal. (Being able to walk to the CNE is another great plus!) The thriving
Queen St. West art culture is also close by. She loves the urban excitement and vibe but appreciates still being surrounded by greenery. “For right now”, she says, “I’m exactly where I belong!!”

Jen says she was attracted to the opportunity of joining my Team because after 5½ years, she had hit a point where she wanted to give everything she possibly could to each and every Client but found she had very little left for herself. She had no proper vacation time and no BlackBerry-free time, so it was difficult to get recharged. She felt that Cathy and I had great systems in place, a wonderful support structure and an environment that allows you to thrive and still relax a little. She liked my drive and determination and loves that I have her back both personally and professionally. I’ve always said that buying or selling a home is incredibly stressful and emotionally trying. All the good, all the bad, all the blood sweat & tears, Jen is in it for the Client and has
always said she is honoured to be part of their process. That’s Jen in a nutshell and that’s why I’m confident she will be a great asset to my team!!
Welcome to the Team, Jennifer!!