It’s Official…We’re a Team!!


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Teamwork is defined as Collaboration. Cooperation. Synonyms include Alliance, Assistance, Combined Effort, Doing Business With, Synergism and Pulling Together. On the Chapters website, no less than 349 books are related to ‘Teamwork’, starting with titles in the kid’s department. Expand that search to ‘Team’ and you get 7,649 results. Bottom line: teamwork is important and team-building skills should begin at a young age for best payoff! I’ve often taken the ‘solo’ path in my business and personal pursuits. I was a gymnast. I paddled singles in kayaking. I ride my horse, Stoli. I play tennis – singles! I started an Art Restoration business. I was an Extras Casting Director. And then a Real Estate Agent. But what I learned along the way is that teamwork was always a crucial element to my success. I wasn’t alone. I had coaches, teachers, trainers, mentors, friends and family. Occasionally I had partners and often, I had people working for me. Seems I had a team all along!

For the past 5 years, my team has been Cathy Braun and me. (Along with outside help in IT, Web Design, Graphic Design, Videos and even Blogging!) Cathy is a licensed Real Estate Agent who handles the Administrative, Marketing and Client Care side so that I can concentrate on my Clients in the field. (Most of you have probably heard me expounding on Cathy’s infinite qualities and my dependence on her to keep the show running.) Well, the time has come to expand the team. It is a crucial step in keeping up with our ability to meet the needs of our growing Client base and still have some down time for ourselves. As well, I now have lots of Clients who needed my services – but in places outside my area of expertise (which is Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington). So together, Cathy and I started looking for people who would be a good fit with us – that is, strong personalities with shared values, knowledgeable, professional and hardworking. And that is why we asked Jennifer Patterson to join us. I always loved her energy and have seen firsthand her great work ethic and commitment to her Clients. The addition of Jennifer expands our business into the Toronto condo and residential market and together we are able to serve first time Buyers, move-up Buyers, Empty Nesters downsizing as well as Investment Buyers. And Jennifer’s 5½ years experience as a Real Estate Agent gives me a strong backup in Oakville and Mississauga. We also decided to add a brand new Real Estate Agent to the mix, Tammy Dubreuil. I had gotten to know Tammy as she manned the Reception Desk at our RE/MAX Office while she worked towards her licensing. She had previously chosen me to be her Buyer Agent and we established a great working synergy. It seemed a natural choice when she approached me to be her Mentor. She’s young. She’s energetic. She’s motivated. She’s driven. I look forward to helping shape her career as a Real Estate Agent and feel she’s a great fit not only for our Team, but for the fast-growing community of Milton where she will specialize.

So that’s us. Me, Krisztina. Cathy. Jennifer. And Tammy. We’ve already formed a fairly cohesive unit and our combined energy is off the charts! Over the next few weeks, I will devote a Blog individually to each member so that you might get to know them a little better. And in the meantime, keep an eye out for our upcoming video, “Meet Krisztina’s Team”. Enjoy. (PS We are in the midst of getting our new photos…)