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I have just launched my new series, SOLD! Over the next year I will be discussing all the Real Estate topics that matter to you. These topics won’t just be applicable to the Oakville real estate market but will also be able to help anybody looking for resources in the real estate area. On my first episode, I tackle Seller Do’s. My first Seller Do is: Do your homework when choosing a Real Estate Agent. Research them through their websites, visit them as they host an Open House, talk to other Clients and interview more than 1 Agent. Remember, in the end the personality fit is sometimes just as important as the Agent’s experience. And if you’re hiring a Real Estate Team, do make sure the Team Leader is present at the first interview/meeting. Find out what the Team Leader’s role will be through the process – Who will spearhead the marketing? Who will host the Open Houses? Who will negotiate the offer? Who will handle the day-to-day communication? It’s crucial that you understand where everyone stands before the work begins. And if your Agent suggests staging and/or upgrades, do listen to them. A house that shows well and is well priced will sell sooner, often for more money. Do offer the cooperating Agent 2 ½ % commission. Although commission rates are negotiable, I strongly believe that offering a 2 ½ % commission will motivate more Buyer Agents to bring more Clients through your home and in the end will turn a quicker sale, possibly for more money. It is also important in this day and age that you fully understand your Agent’s Marketing Plan. How do they use the internet and various websites? How much print do they use? How much signage is used for an Open House? Do they use video tours? Do they have a Client pool that they might bring to the table? During the showing stage, do maintain staging and cleanliness. A potential Buyer could be calling for a showing at any time. (PS Selling clean and everyday clean is not the same thing!!) And speaking of showings, do hope for many showings in the first few weeks. The rule of thumb: in a good market, 30 Showings = 1 Strong Offer. So be patient and make your home available to Buyers. It is also important that you do have a Lock Box on your home at this time. No Lock Box limits your showing potential for other Agents. And the showing you lose might have been a sale! Although it sounds obvious, do shovel and salt your driveway and walkway as needed. Nothing turns off a Buyer Agent more!! (And of course in other seasons, keep lawns trimmed and gardens tended.) During the selling process, do have a communication plan with your Real Estate Agent for feedback on showings. I typically suggest one day a week, either by phone or email. If I have any crucial information (such as a pending offer or something in the home that we could change quickly), I will of course be in touch immediately. It doesn’t help anyone to call the Agent after every showing. They may or may not have gotten feedback and it often turns into a time-waster. If your home has been sitting on the market for more than 30 days, do find out why. Was it priced too high? If your Agent wants a price reduction, be sure to view their market comparables. Did the Agent fulfill their marketing obligations? Their Open House obligations? If not, perhaps you need to re-strategize with your Agent. Once you are in the process of negotiating an offer, do try to encourage a sit-down offer at which you can be present. More deals are completed when done face-to-face as it is much harder to communicate via fax or email. So that’s it for my major Seller Do’s. Watch for Episode #2 of SOLD! coming soon. Appropriately, the subject will be Seller Don’ts!!


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