Am I A Coach or Are We A Team? Both!!


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A Team is defined as “a number of persons associated in a joint action”. A Coach is defined as “a playing or non-playing member of a team who instructs”. I have always considered my relationships with my Clients to be in the team genre. We are a team with the same goals and the same hoped-for outcomes. If a Client is working harder to sell their home, it will make me work harder. Both sides need to listen and hear each other for the dynamic to be successful. But always remember, I am on your side!! If a great synergy is not achieved in this team relationship, like any other team, we won’t be as successful in reaching our goal. And it’s together that we can determine those goals. A Seller’s motivation might be price. But it might also be convenience or timing. And we would price and market the home accordingly. It’s also my role to think about the things my Buyer Clients may not – schools, transit, shopping etc. Needless to say in the Oakville real estate market and surrounding areas I have a vast knowledge of these things to better play my part on the team.

The Thesaurus lists synonyms for Coach as: Mentor. Educator. Teacher. Trainer. Tutor. Instructor. Advisor. Confidante. Counsel. Guide. Friend. Helper. Expert. Referee. Aide. Authority. I feel that through the buying or selling process, I probably wear each of these hats depending on what my Client needs at any given moment. And if we’re at odds, we need to communicate better to regain the team synergy. If my Clients aren’t hearing me, then it’s up to me to take a different approach to make myself understood. I need to find the ‘right questions’ and supply solutions. (Sometimes just asking the ‘right’ question will be understood so much better than asking 10 wrong questions.) And sometimes I have to go into Tiger Mode. This is the hat I least like to wear, as it’s often very stressing. However, sometimes Clients can get panicked or stubborn or simply stop hearing me (which often goes hand in hand with the panic mode or the stubborn mode!). It’s my role to protect their best interests even if they are their own problem. I value my integrity most of all. I will never give them the answer they ‘want’ to hear if it’s not the answer I believe is right. I will tell them if they are wrong and I will tell them my professional opinion – after all, that’s why I’m a member of this Team – because I understand the market and houses!! If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it. If it’s an opinion, I’ll back it up. But I will always be honest and I am ALWAYS looking out for the best outcome for them. This is why my Clients come back to me time and time again. And this is what I’m most proud of.

Bottom line: I want what you want, and sometimes Clients forget this. In the end, we must be a united front – but I will always be the ‘playing’ Coach on the team. And what do I get out of this team effort (besides the obvious)? My goal is always future business with my Clients, as well as referrals. (For me, referrals are the most amazing way for my Clients to say ‘Job well done’!)


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