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Mortgage Questions seem to be on everyone’s mind these days as the government and CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) implement various changes and consider others. So I will do my best to answer most of the questions I have been hearing.

Why are they taking away the 35-year amortization?

CMHC is capping mortgage lengths at 30 years in an effort to protect the housing market and maintain stability in the face of rising interest rates.

Can I still get a 35-year mortgage?

If you close your mortgage deal by March 17, 2011 you can still have a 35-year mortgage term. The by-law takes effect March 18, 2011.

I have a 35-year amortization. Is it protected?


I’m on a Variable Rate Mortgage. Should I move to a 5-year Fixed Rate?

In light of rising interest rates, experts are suggesting a move to a 5-year Fixed so that you will know your mortgage costs for the next 5 years and not have any ‘surprises’. However research has shown that Variable Rate Mortgages outperform Fixed Rate Mortgages over the longer term. So I would suggest locking in for 5 years, and then reconsider at the end of that period.

I’m House Shopping. Is it in my interests to lock in a mortgage rate before I buy?

Yes. If the mortgage rate goes up, you are protected. If it goes down, you can re-qualify and benefit from the lower rate.

I’m a First-Time Buyer and want to use the 5% Down. Anything I should know?

Yes. CMHC has tightened the lending qualifications for this privilege. You MUST have impeccable credit. Make sure you check your own Credit Score to ensure you would qualify. I have seen deals pulled at the last minute by CMHC because credit scores were not as strong as assumed or as high as reported. The Buyers are then forced to look for a less expensive home or put down 10%. You should also know that there are rumours that the CMHC may eliminate the 5% Down Privilege altogether.

I’m Condo shopping. I heard some changes about Condo Fees in Mortgages. What’s up?

Although a date of implementation has not been set, they are considering making 100% (vs 50% currently) of your Condo Fees inclusive to the total amount of your mortgage. This may force some Buyers to look in a lower price range for their Condo.

Overall, you should always be thinking about affordability in the long-term. You don’t want to be house-poor. That is, you want to maintain your lifestyle and your discretionary income. So ask yourself this: if interest rates rise 1% can I still afford my house and my lifestyle? What about 2%?

If you’ve done the math, there won’t be any surprises. If you have any other mortgage questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it!!


Let’s Talk YouTube


The Official Krisztina Blogsite

In Wikipedia, YouTube is described “as a video-sharing website on which users can upload, share, and view videos, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005”. Such a simple statement for such an incredible idea. We’ve come a long way since email was first introduced!! As an integral part of social media, it is crucial for us to take advantage of these tools. Elections have been won and lost on these platforms and companies now consider it a natural part of their marketing. And I am no different. YouTube has become an invaluable resource for me as a Real Estate Agent and I think my viewers and my clients would agree. Potential clients have the ability to see me in action and understand my decision-making processes when it comes to selling a home as well as hearing directly from my clients what my strengths are. They can get to know me as a person and as an Agent in the Oakville real estate market. And believe me, stepping in front of the cameras and speaking (with my accent!!) didn’t come easily!! Although I’m a lot more comfortable, it is still a work in progress. (So I’ll take this opportunity now to ask your forgiveness if I butcher a word or a phrase. And if I string 2 words together into my own unique word, forgive that too – we just call them Krisztina-isms!!)

I’ve recently begun upgrading my video links and my Playlists to make it easier for you to navigate through my video content. I also try to rotate the videos on my websites to keep it fresh and timely. I have a ton of great home information on my channel which many Users and Clients have taken advantage of. People still love my Real Estate 411 6-Episode Series which covers the Home Real Estate process step by step, from choosing your Real Estate Agent to Staging Your Home, the Open House, the Home Inspection and so much more. Please check it out here:

My Home Tips Series has also been a lot of fun – lots of decorating, gardening and Real Estate info packed into 1 quick minute. (And yes, there will be future Episodes.) Check it out here:

I have found my most popular videos to be my Home Virtual Tours. Even months after the actual property has been sold, people are still interested in watching these videos, seeing the décor and the layout of the homes. (Or is it just the voyeuristic tendencies in us?…hmmmm) I’ve attached my latest virtual video below, from a home in the Westmount area of Oakville.

So I hope my YouTube content is helpful to you if you are thinking of listing or buying. And if you have any requests for future video topics, please let me know!