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It was hot then it was cold. It was up then it was down. The 2010 Real Estate Market felt like the lyrics for a Katy Perry song! Or a rollercoaster at Canada’s Wonderland – one wild ride! (For the record I’m looking at 2011 more as a Carousel – slow, solid, stable with just enough colour and interest.) Now back to 2010. Last winter I can only describe as typical. Generally slower, although I was steadily busy. Spring brought on the pre-HST/pre-Interest Rate Hike buying hysteria. Summer saw a slowdown – equal parts post-HST, post-Interest Rate Hike and the general lazy hazy days of summer. Fall saw prices realigning themselves with normal cyclical corrections. Houses were still selling. Prices were still reasonably high versus years past. But overall, fewer transactions. Of course, well-staged/well-priced/well-marketed homes still moved quickly although the days of multiple offers were over. (Which of course translated into: SELL FIRST then BUY – which still applies to today’s market.) There were a number of listings that expired from the summer due to unrealistic seller expectations. I’m proud to say that none of my listings had that dubious honour, although I did take over some expired listings. And then December came. This was the month of Stoli. Not the vodka. Well maybe some vodka, it was the season after all. But I mean my new horse, of course. Stoli. Stoli. Stoli. So luckily for me, I had time in the slower holiday market to acquaint myself with my newest family member, brush up on my riding skills and find my boy a new home in Oakville. (Just as with my clients, I put extensive research into this decision, visited a number of properties and then weighed the pros and cons of each potential stable – I know Stoli appreciated that!!) On the Real Estate front, I had the good fortune of adding 2 new Team members in December: Jennifer Patterson – a Sales Representative specializing in the Toronto condo market, and Veronica Thompson – an Office Assistant who is able to work alongside my Office Manager Cathy Braun who coordinates my marketing programs & computer support services and provide our Clients with exceptional service. Having the office in good hands enables me to devote my time worry-free in the field with my clients where I’m most effective. 2011 looks to bring more expansion to my team, so I’ll keep you posted! Why expand now? Despite the rollercoaster of 2010, I had a great year – I’m busier than ever right now and am looking forward to 2011 being another solid year. BE PREPARED!! That’s what my Mother always said!! If it were a song, I’d say The Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling” or Enrique Iglesias “I Like It”!!


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