Meet My New Boy, Stoli!!


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I love my husband and my dog, Kata and my cats Szuma and Kira but I must confess, I now have a new love in my life. His name is Winsdown Steel Works by Night, but he’s known as Stoli. He’s just turned 6. AND I LOVE HIM!! He chose me to be his new mom on Saturday November 20 – and yes, I celebrated. It was definitely a champagne-worthy moment! Horses have been my passion from a very early age – as you can see from the old photos, I would ride anything!! I am told my first word was ‘Horse’, so with the addition of Stoli to my family I have finally fulfilled a lifelong dream. It was definitely love at first sight as he nuzzled me and licked my hand. He’s a kissy boy, but that’s the way I like my boys!! His understanding of voice commands is astounding although he’s just learning the nuances of my accent!! Carving out the time to spend with my new boy will allow me to better schedule my days as well as give me a better work/life balance – and that’s good for everybody!! Keep checking in for Stoli updates. As for me? I’m going riding!!