It Was Hell!!


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Halloween 2010 has come and gone. So much effort for one little day. Kudos to my husband this year who went above and beyond for the decoration. NO, check that. We did not decorate for Halloween this year. No, this year my husband had a vision. A vision from Hell!! (Or at least of Hell!!) And I will say for the weeks leading up to Halloween, the prep and disarray of the house felt like I was in Hell! But the end result was pretty great. My husband’s interpretation of Hell included flickering red flames in all the windows, skulls and bones, spiders, a few corpses and Satan himself (complete with a giant pet rat!!). And to his credit, he only scared off a few trick-or-treaters! In fact, our street saw almost 230 ghosts, superheroes, witches, princesses and hockey players make their way from house to house. That’s about 40 more than 2009 and I fear I only have myself to blame. As well I gave out about 50 hot apple ciders and 50+ gluvines (my special Hungarian spiced wine concoction) to the adults. Now the question remains: How do I top myself next year? Right now, I’m thinking of throwing in the towel, raising the white flag in surrender and leaving the house dark! (I hear New Orleans has an amazing Halloween celebration!!) But don’t worry – I have a year to think about it and maybe by October next year I will have forgotten all about the prep!! Maybe we’ll go fun and WalMart cheesy. Or Charlie Brown’s pumpkin patch. …Or maybe my husband will have another vision!! Or maybe I’ll be drinking out of a To Go cup on the streets of the French Quarter. The good news is that the Christmas decorating season is around the corner and we actually get to enjoy that effort for weeks and weeks. Happy decorating!!