Outdoor Décor for Fall


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Outdoor decorating has grown by leaps and bounds since I’ve been in the Real Estate business. And I’m not just talking about backyard outdoor living spaces. Today, the front has become equally important. What was once a week at Christmas and a day on Hallowe’en has become a year round decorating endeavour. Now the trend has moved toward seasonally themed outdoor décor punctuated by holiday-specific decorating. And that trend has never been more evident than during this month of October. Scarecrows and haybales and pumpkins and gourds and harvest displays and mums of all different shades are currently abundant in most neighbourhoods. And some of those decorations are already being edged out by ghosts and witches and vampires and cobwebs (and it’s barely mid-October!). Still to come is the all out Hallowe’en push (which I wholeheartedly participate in!!). In the world of outdoor décor, Hallowe’en decorating has really grown the most. Set-ups have become more elaborate, neighbours are competing with neighbours and whole streets are attracting trick-or-treaters and tourists! (Gone are the days of a single glowing Jack-o-Lantern to signal your candy shell-out participation to the neighbourhood kids.) And on that note, I have big things planned for this year, so if you’re in the Oak Park ‘hood on the 31st, be sure to come by! Many of you may recall my CSI crime scene where a vampire succumbed to ‘death by sunlight’ having been chained to a tree!! (If not, the video is still up on my YouTube channel, so be sure to check it out!!)

Now back to that décor – if you’re even contemplating selling your home in the next few months, it is absolutely crucial to take some photos right now, and again in a few weeks since the fall weather changes the look of a home almost on a day by day basis. “Curb Appeal” may sound like a Real Estate Agent’s buzz word but the truth is that people form strong interests in and attachments to homes based on their look from the outside. And if you’re selling in the drudgery of November or in the midst of a cold winter, these photos (and hopefully the ones you took in spring and summer!!!) may go a long way toward sealing the deal.

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