Taking the Pool Plunge


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Holy heat wave – how do you stay cool when the Humidex is topping 40 degrees?!? Let’s see…There’s holing up inside with the AC. Riding really fast in your convertible with the top down. Cold showers. Cold drinks. Shady backyards. Or better yet…fresh lake swims in cottage country or local dips in a pool. In Budapest, Lake Balaton is a Southern Hungary luxury for the few. In town, Hungarians flock to local pools and spas to cool down. Among one of the most beautiful is the wave pool at Budapest’s St. Gellert Hotel. The artificial waves are pumped from an underground spring and accompanied by a live gypsy band!!! With more than 120 natural thermal springs, Budapest has long been known for its baths, the largest (and most famous) being the St. Gellert, an Art Nouveau Hotel built in 1918. (The St. Gellert – now simply known as The Gellert – was named for a bishop who was martyred in Buda a thousand years ago.) The natural hot springs that flow from Gellert Hill are thought to cure a variety of joint and muscle disorders. (Therapy seeking voyagers have trekked here to take the waters since the time of the Roman empire.) The hotel was built on the site of an old Turkish bathhouse, and although it was gutted by bombs in 1945, it was rebuilt after the war. Typical of spas in Hungary, the complex also has 2 separate baths for men and women indoors, each with 3 plunge pools of various temperatures, a sauna and a steam bath. When I last visited, I also indulged in the massages!! Locally here in Canada, public pools are mostly for the kids. But as people continue to invest in their outdoor ‘rooms’, many are looking to add a water element – a full size pool, a smaller decorative pool or perhaps even just a lap pool for exercise. My latest video for Krisztina’s 1 Minute Home Tips is #5 Pool Do’s & Don’ts. (Yes I know the grammar is slightly incorrect on the Do’s – but I just think it’s easier to read – so no comments please!!) I’ve packed lots of info into one little minute, so I hope you enjoy it. (You can also look forward to “Resale of Homes with Pools” which highlights Buyer Turnoffs and Seller Musts – it will air on YouTube in a few weeks.) In the meantime I hope you’ve checked out all 5 of my 1 Minute Home Tips on my YouTube Channel. (C’mon, it’s only 5 minutes of your time!!) I’m continuing on the summer theme through Labour Day. Okay, must go now. It’s far too nice out to stay indoors, even with the heat!! (Anybody have a pool?!?!?)

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