Gardening 101

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to keep my fingers manicured and polished. But they would also know that when it comes to gardening, my thumb is definitely brown. Give me a plant and I’ll figure out a way to kill it!! Water? Oh, that seems like so much work. And fertilizer? Are you kidding me?! All my neighbours can attest that my yard is relatively flower free. In fact (as in this photo) those hanging ferns were a huge commitment. They were a gift from my gardener friend, Marie Bunting and were selected by her after careful assessment of my gardening skills. (Apparently, they’re very tough to kill and don’t need to be watered all that often!!) So, when I set out to devote one of Krisztina’s One Minute Home Tips videos to the garden, I called Marie. (I’m no fool – I may be somewhat of an expert on a fair amount of topics, but I knew this one was out of my league!) And to my astonishment, 1 gardening video turned into 4. “Gardens on a Budget” has been extremely popular (and who can’t devote a minute of their time to watch it!). So I’m following up with “Gardens for Beginners”, “Building Your Garden” and “DIY Landscaping”. I invite you to my YouTube channel, NorthOakvilleAgent to take a look. I hope you enjoy them all. For my part, I actually learned a lot about gardening as Marie toured me through both her shade gardens and sun gardens on her gorgeous Caledon East property. I walked away feeling I could almost garden myself. ‘Almost’, I say, because history has taught me better. When it’s not your forte, hire an expert or ask a friend. That’s the motto I’ll stick to when it comes to gardening!! And keep watching this summer as I’ll be rolling out One Minute Home Tip videos twice weekly through Labour Day. You can look forward to such topics as “Creating Your Outdoor Room”, “Small Backyard Suggestions”, “Sprucing Up Outdoors on a Budget”, “Outdoor Lighting”, “Pool Do’s and Don’ts”, “Resale of Homes with Pools”, “Creating Outdoor Privacy” and “Patio Materials”. Come the Fall, I’ll be moving onto indoor décor and contracting topics as well as tackling subjects related to Buying, Selling and Real Estate Trends. And in the meantime, enjoy your time in your outdoor ‘rooms’ and happy gardening!!

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