Great Fun…Great Fundraiser!!


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Thanks to all who participated in the May 1st Moms & Tots Garage Sale Fundraiser. The crowds are getting bigger every year as people take advantage of good deals for a good cause. And my horse & carriage rides remain extremely popular with families and the little ones. I am so pleased to say that this is my 4th year participating in the event. As well, for every home I sell in Oak Park, I donate an additional $100 to Moms & Tots. I know I have spoken about them a lot, but I continue to rave because of the community they provide for Oakville moms. Networks and friendships have been forged among moms through this organization. And kids have flourished in the many programs they offer – from Circle Time storytelling to dance and crafts. When I spoke to some of the Moms at the Fundraiser, they especially raved about the staff. Anything we can do to help this organization will benefit our young families. Stay tuned to my May Oak Park Report video airing mid-month, because we had the opportunity to cover the event and talk to some of the Moms who use Moms & Tots. I hope many of you took advantage of my carriage rides through the Oak Park neighbourhood. Once again I worked with Dream Catcher Stables. Brad and Tina provide an excellent service (and apparently joke to the kids about the horses’ ‘exhaust system’ during the ride!!).