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Our nation is basking in Olympic gold on home turf thanks to athletes such as Mogul Skier Alexandre Bilodeau, Ski Cross Ashleigh McIvor and most recently Ice Dancers Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. I applaud all the Olympic athletes for their achievements. As many of you know, I missed my chance to compete at the 1984 L.A. Olympics in Kayaking when Hungary joined Russia and other Eastern-bloc countries in boycotting the games. It’s an unrealized milestone that I’ll always feel some regret about. However, I’ll never regret how my competitive sport background continues to shape and influence my life. Sport (for me, gymnastics and then kayaking) taught me the 3 D’s – Dedication, Drive and Determination. There were some other D’s…Discipline, Decisiveness, Devotion and Doggedness. And of course, 2 special D’s – Dazzle and Dream!! I believe all the things that I learned and that made me a successful athlete at an international level have made me successful as an independent Real Estate Agent. As I look at my “D-List”, I can absolutely say I apply them all to my current career, as well as any new undertaking. Selling Real Estate involves operating your own small business, setting your own goals, structuring your own workday, creating and serving your client base and most importantly, continuing to educate yourself and keeping your learning curve fresh and sharp. I love achievement. I always have. That’s why it’s important to keep looking at the Real Estate business with fresh eyes and to continue to be innovative when it comes to my business. I believe my marketing materials, my multiple websites and my YouTube videos reflect this thinking outside the box.

It is interesting to look at the evolution of sport. Materials like graphite and carbon and Kevlar are now commonplace in equipment. Skis have gotten shorter, tennis racquets and golf clubs larger, swimsuits are sleeker, running shoes have air pockets and skates are molded to bare feet. Who knew 20 years ago that the Olympics would host events like Moguls or Snowboard Cross? And who knew 20 years ago that I could send a virtual tour of a newly listed property to your phone?!! Cutting edge in sport means embracing technology as a component of your training. Cutting edge in Real Estate means the same thing. It is another tool that we must embrace to make our business successful and relevant in 2010. But regardless of the tools that have become available to us, it’s essential to have the ability and desire to apply those 3 D’s – Dedication, Drive and Determination (and the rest of the “D-List”!!) to your business and often, to your every day life!! I, for one, thrive in a fast-paced energetic environment and know my clients recognize my continued use of my “D-List”!!

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