The Ugly Duckling May Win The ROI Game


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AKA: The house with your best Return on Investment (ROI) may not be the sexiest! They say in a wardrobe, build with the basics…you can never go wrong with the classics…flashy accessories and trends will come and go. When writing a script, structure is king. A great photograph demands great composition. And in the case of a great house, smart buyers in today’s market know what to look for. It’s important to look past the ‘pretty picture’. Go beyond the décor and buy based on location. Make sure the house has good ‘bones’. And especially in this market, ACT QUICKLY!!

I realize you’re buying a dream, but your dream lays in structure and layout, not the previous owner’s furniture and decorating skill. Visualizing is often the toughest part for potential homebuyers. Only about 10% of buyers can picture themselves living in the home when handed a Builder’s layout. That’s why they invented Builder’s Models. If a home lays empty while on the market, chances are it won’t sell for what it’s worth. That’s why we have Stagers. And here’s a thought: If you can’t visualize, but think you may have a gem, ask for a second showing ASAP and bring an Interior Decorator. He or she can sketch it out and bring it to life as ‘your’ home. Another thing I find is that Clients often ‘say’ they want a fixer-upper, but really they want something closer to picture perfect, so be honest with yourself before you begin the process of home shopping.

Remember, if you’re buying brand new, character will be missing – but that’s just window dressing. Any potential homeowner should buy based on the 3 L’s: Layout, Lot and Location. All the other stuff is easy to change. It’s the unsexy features that may just be your purchase decision tipping point – windows, roof, furnace and the like. So the bottom line: To get the best ROI on your home purchase, the Ugly Duckling may win in the end!

And now a quick word about the current market. Can I say “IT’S ON FIRE”? Or should I just say it’s hot hot hot. Either way, if you’re thinking about buying or selling, make your move NOW! Demand is high, supply is short – and that may just change in the second half of the year when we expect to see interest rates rise. Want a consult? I’m available. Need to know what you can get for your house? Just ask. If it’s in the right area (North Oakville), I will be coming to the table with a list of potential buyers looking to move in. (And for my buyers – I will knock on doors to find you the right home!!)

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