Going the Extra Mile


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First, a special thanks to all my clients and neighbours who ventured out last week to my Christmas Open House. It’s especially nice to spend some time socializing over a glass of wine instead of over a Purchase Agreement (although that’s fun too!!).

December is always an interesting month in Real Estate. It’s our year-end, people are relaxing into the holidays and it’s easy to slow down and believe no one is interested in thinking about listing their home. However, experience has taught me not to slack off during this time. If anyone is contemplating a move in the spring, now is the time that they’re thinking about choosing a Real Estate Agent. The “weather outside may be frightful” but that doesn’t stop me from going to old-school methods – DOOR KNOCKING!!! There’s nothing like the face-to-face approach for spurring homeowners to action – and the cold weather may even get you invited inside for an eggnog!! Armed with a list of clients looking to move into the area, I have achieved great success in securing listings by pounding the pavement and chatting with homeowners. I hope I never treat this business so cavalierly that I stop Door Knocking. I believe it is an integral component of my marketing strategy – and ultimately of my success in the Real Estate field. (And as marketing costs go, Door Knocking is definitely a great return on investment!!) And when I ‘simply don’t feel like it’, I have given my Office Manager, Cathy carte blanche to kick me in the behind and get said behind out there!!

If you’re thinking of a move, I say avoid the spring rush, and list your home in January. Property prices are on the increase minute by minute and if you act now, I believe you will get more money for your home. Come spring there will be more properties on the market and more competition, thus driving home prices slightly downward. And remember, even if you list in January, you can put your close date into the spring. (And let’s not forget that looming HST July 1st date. Although in the long run, I do not believe it will affect the overall market, I do think that people will react in the short term and try to move properties before July 1st.)

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m headed to Germany mid-month to spend Christmas with family, but I will be working right up to my flight departure and will be back at it before you can say ‘Happy New Year!’ Some people call my dedication “Going the Extra Mile”. Me? I just call it loving what I do and being there for my clients.