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It’s premiere day today! Episode #4 in my 6-Episode Series, “Krisztina’s Real Estate 411” has hit the airwaves. In Episode #3, we prepared your home for listing. Now that it’s been priced, cleaned, painted and put on the market, the next big step is your Agent’s Marketing Plan. This episode is called “Marketing & Advertising” and discusses most aspects of the Marketing Plan – virtual tours, print ads, internet ads and the Open House.

As a Real Estate Agent designing a home’s Marketing Plan, I have to be keenly aware of who I am marketing the home to – essentially where the potential buyers are coming from, and then I mold the Marketing and Advertising accordingly. I am finding that Virtual Tours are becoming a key component as more and more purchasers are starting their home search on the internet. And if you’re on the websites, a virtual tour gives a much more complete view of the home than still photos. I appreciate Terry Kuivinen’s comment: “Krisztina really understands the value of a well-planned Marketing Plan” because I take great pride and care in this phase of the process and have even instituted a “Coming Soon” teaser policy on my websites for upcoming listings!

The Open House is obviously an integral part of the Plan and it is important to me to try and be available on the first weekend of a listing’s Open House. (Of course my hope is that there doesn’t need to be a second Open House weekend, but rather a SOLD sign outside!!) But I will also help influence the Open House to match the area – that is, if it is in a Polish community, I will do my best to have a Polish speaking Real Estate Agent run the Open House. My Open House philosophy is first and foremost, not to hover!! I believe in greeting people at the door, giving them a quick overview and an information sheet and then simply letting them go through the home on their own. My job is to be there to answer any questions about the home as well as the neighbourhood, because when you’re selling a home, you’re also selling the area. It is my responsibility to be well-versed on the schools, parks, rec centres, public transit, highway access, shopping and restaurants. And if I do my job right, the next step is putting out the SOLD Sign!!

I loved being a part of this informative video series and I’m thrilled with all the positive feedback you’ve been giving me. I hope you enjoy this episode and watch for the release of Episode #5: The Purchase on December 1st. Remember, they are “Real Estate Tips for Real People”!!


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