2009 We’eny Awards Handed Out


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Halloween yard

Rats and spiders and ghosts, Oh My!! Rats and spiders and ghosts, Oh My!! What a Hallowe’en it was in Oak Park this year! Thanks to all the witches, vampires and goblins (and their parents) who wandered our ‘hood on the big night. Your sheer numbers made our street festivities the best yet! We attracted a lot of attention on Roxton with crowds, and even drive-bys. Our own Crime Scene set-up brought in dozens (although the police lights going all night may have scared away a few of you!) According to my husband, CSI Pazz, he thinks a vampire was chained to a tree the night before and got burnt by the sun when daylight came. Yuck! (Oakville’s Councillor Knoll even sent out a Tweet with video proclaiming this the best Hallowe’en set-up – check it out. I’ve also linked my YouTube video of the Crime Scene!) As I mentioned I always over-buy in the candy department – but this year it was a good thing as I helped out some of my neighbours. (In truth, I am probably in part responsible for the excessive rush, but oh well!!) So here it is by the numbers…

Number of Trick-or-Treaters – 228

Number of Hot Apple Cider and Gluvine cups handed out – 175

The Perfect Pumpkin Destination – The Apple Factory

$ Spent – Top Secret

Hallowe’en Celebrations in Oak Park – Priceless!!

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The 2009 We’eny Awards for Oak Park’s Hallowe’en go to…

Best Crime Scene – CSI Pazz Neglia (Is a new career in the offing, honey?)
Halloween CSI
Best Lady in a Cage – Linda (I think she’s still complaining about the back pain!)

Best Scary Guy on Stilts – Hayden (How’re those calf muscles??)

Best Gluvine Recipe – ME!! (It’s a Hungarian specialty and I’d be happy to share)

Best Apple Cider – Cathy B. (More rum next year, PLEASE!)

Best Witch – Terry K. (and we’re not saying it’s every day…)

Best Pumpkin Carver – Deb K. (I’m thinking 8 next year…hmmm)
Halloween jack
Ugliest Troll – Richard C. (or were you a Leprechaun…???)

Cutest Elephant – Wyatt

Cutest Ladybug – Kenna

Unluckiest Vampire – Burnt One Chained to the Tree in Front of my House!! (I think I saw him on True Blood last season)

Best Trade with a Neighbour – 2 Bags of Candies for a Bottle of Vintage Port (thanks…you know who you are!)

Best Rat-Eater – My Dog, Kata (You’ll have to ask me about that one…and yes it was real!!!)

Best Repeat Customer – Carolyn and Paul R. (I think it must have been the gluvine!)

Best Post Trick-or-Treat Fest – Linda (Who exactly was it that kept refilling my wine glass…???)

Please feel free to submit any other deserving 2009 We’eny Award Winners, ‘cause the prizes are spectacular.. Ha ha ha!! Watch for Episode #4 of Krisztina’s Real Estate 411 coming to the airwaves next week. It’s called “Marketing & Advertising” and we discuss the Marketing Plan, the Internet, Print Ads and the Open House. I know you’ll love it…it’s my 2nd favourite episode!!…And you won’t believe what we’ve got cookin’ for next year’s Hallowe’en!!


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