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My second episode of Krisztina’s Real Estate 411 is available for viewing on my YouTube Channel (search ‘North Oakville Agent’ or check the link below). The response to Episode #1 has been overwhelming, so I hope you all enjoy Episode #2: Choosing a Real Estate Agent (Part 2).

There are so many things to consider when you are choosing a Real Estate Agent. We covered the ‘qualities’ in Episode #1 – personality and work ethic. In this episode we cover other considerations – Brokerage Houses, Commission Structures and Area Specialists. Real Estate Broker, Sylvia Perdue reminds us that most real estate salespeople are independent contractors. When they are attached to a Brokerage House, they are then working for themselves, but not by themselves. RE/MAX (my Brokerage House) provides a brand for us to work under as well as listing and selling tools, training courses, networking opportunities and even our own in-house Super Succeed program. (More on that in a future Blog!!) Tamara Vanmeggelen believes a strong Brokerage House attracts strong Agents and a multi-faceted distribution network. I believe in building my name as a brand, and that working with a strong multi-national brand name brokerage such as RE/MAX will help me build my personal brand.

Sylvia also mentions that a good Broker offers their Sales Agents accessibility and one-on-one coaching. As well they are open and answering phones from 9am to 9pm, with limited hours on the weekend. As we interviewed Sylvia, I was reminded how important things like this are to my clients. Sylvia also put the Commission Structure into focus. As she put it, Commission is NOT a Commodity!! It is an incentive for the Agent to sell your home. As a homeseller, you want to attract highly skilled Agents with strong expertise to get the best price. Commissions may be negotiable, but remember, choosing a low commission package doesn’t necessarily translate into a higher net at the end of the day when your home is sold. You should also understand what will be offered for the Commission package in terms of a Marketing Plan, Advertising, Open Houses and feedback structure. Sylvia believes (and I agree) that the Commission structure may dictate how hard the Agent is going to work for you. Tamara put it very succinctly – a good Agent is worth their commission…Full Commission gets you an Agent who is always available, will get traffic through your door, will make practical suggestions on renovations for resale and staging, will be honest on the value of the home, on its weaknesses and strengths, will give you feedback on Open Houses and will follow up on potential buyers. (Thanks Tamara, I couldn’t have said it better myself!!) And one last note from Terry Kuivinen (who has done ‘For Sale By Owner’ on 2 occasions) – selling a home is stressful and a good Agent takes that stress away…it is MONEY WELL SPENT!!

Enjoy this installment of Krisztina’s Real Estate 411, Episode #2: Choosing a Real Estate Agent (Part 2) and watch for Episode #3: Preparing to List Your Home coming on November 1st.

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