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Margarita Madness

As a Real Estate Agent working in the north Oakville area, I know houses. And even if the home you are looking for is not listed, I can sti ll find it for you. I can also tell you most of the restaurants in the Oakville and Oak Park area. But what I can’t tell you is who serves the best Margarita in the Oakville area ! I know, I know – Mojitos and Caipirinhas are all the current rage, but I confess, I still like a good Margarita. I’m a traditionalist or some might say a purist when it comes to my Margarita. Rock salt rim, real lime juice, triple sec (NO bar mix!), served on the rocks and – most importantly – premium tequila! I am not fan of the frozen Margarita, and having just learned some of them can have upwards of 800 calories, I say beware! I also say, for the ‘at home’ cocktail, Oak Park seems perfectly designed. Our quiet back patios are ideal for entertaining and our front porches are the place to sit, sip a drink, watch the world go by and invite a neighbour over for a cold beverage.

To date I have had 2 noteworthy Margarita experiences. The first was at Uncle Julio’s Hacienda on W. North Ave. in Chicago. They are a small chain hailing from Dallas and they custom-make their Margaritas from any of 15 tequilas! And, as an added bonus, they are located conveniently close to the Crate & Barrel Outlet and Z Gallerie, both go-to destinations for Home Décor. (And their website is darn fun!!) The second great Margarita was at Hotel California in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico. About an hour north of Cabo San Lucas this small artist colony town makes for a great day of exploring and Hotel California makes a great stop to recuperate from all that exploring! The actual Hotel California is incredible – it was renovated in 2005 and despite the fact that Don Henley denies any connection to his song, it doesn’t stop them from piping in The Eagles. The Hotel explodes in purples, reds, hot pinks, oranges, periwinkles and pulsating shades of green and golden yellows. (It’s amazing how well all the colours work – but I could only imagine doing it on a vacation property!) Breathing in the fragrance of the tropical flowers as you sit at La Cornela Restaurant and Bar makes anything taste great, but even my husband had to admit the margarita was superb.

So my hunt is on. Please feel free to make some suggestions for Oakville’s Best Margarita. I’m quite willing to do all the taste testing. As for the best home patio Margarita, I have to award that to my Office Manager, Cathy Braun. But if you would like my opinion on your own concoction, and try to oust her ranking, I would be happy to give it a try!! And thanks to many of my Real Estate Clients, who celebrate buying a new house by inviting me over and serving up their own cocktails – it’s always appreciated!
Oh, and a Margarita recipe I found that I’m going to try at home: 1 Container Frozen Limeade, 1 Container Triple Sec, 1 Container Tequila, 3 Containers Water…Serve over Ice. Yum!

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