Have you Hugged Your Pet Today?


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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my pets. Kata (a 12 year old Keeshond), Szuma (a Bengal cat) and Kira (a rescue cat) share my Oak Park home with me and my husband. The reason they’ve been on my mind is because of Dakota. He was a 15-1/2 year old pup who moved onto the next phase last week. He belonged to a friend of mine and I adored him! He was quirky, neurotic and sometimes, downright psycho. (Please feel free to ask me about a certain July 1st weekend up north…for now I’ll just say: wet sandy dog, fireworks and my bed!) He was also incredibly energetic, loving, sucky and loyal. It was a lot of personality for one dog. He hated thunderstorms, fireworks, cap guns, motorcycles, skateboards, balloons and the ‘Happy Birthday’ song (go figure!). He loved running, swimming, fetching, tug of war, ear rubs and presents. It gave me so much pleasure to buy Dakota a new toy. He would attack the bag with anticipation and then carry it, chew it, sleep on it and parade it around for the next month as if it were the greatest treasure in the world. Meals will never be the same – I was always saving leftovers for him. I can even take credit for teaching Dakota to delicately eat Thai food from chopsticks! He continues to be an amazing presence – somehow he managed to send an email from beyond explaining his next phase of ‘life’ and thanking everyone who touched his life. Little bugger – made me cry…again!! And of course, his loss makes me hug my pets a little tighter and a little longer. They say pets have become part of the family – which is why we’re giving them human names. For the record, Kira is not named for Keira Knightley – but rather it’s a sort of bastardized short form of the Hungarian word for ‘princess’. Szuma was a name made up by my husband, combining the word ‘Puma’ with the Hungarian ‘SZ’ to produce an ‘s’ sound, as in my name. (Indeed, if there is no ‘z’, it would technically be pronounced as a ‘shhh’ sound, as in ‘Budapest’!!) And as for Kata – well, let’s just say my sister’s name is Kata, short for Katalin and she was visiting from Hungary when my beautiful pup became part of my family! Some people say they judge new people based on their pets’ reactions to them. If that’s true, I’m happy to report that all the dogs and cats I meet seem to take a liking to me! I guess that’s a good thing in the Real Estate business!! And speaking of Real Estate (although, I know I wasn’t…), things seem to really be heating up in the Oak Park area and in fact, all of Oakville. I continue to be busier than ever, although I still carve out my time for my pets!

By the way, if you would like to comment on this Blog, please, please, please – post your comments below instead of calling me!! Thanks.


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