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Walking the Walk

I’ve been talking the last few weeks about nurturing the creative spirit in our youth and that is exactly what I am doing myself. I am so excited to announce that principal photography has begun on my new Web/YouTube Series, Krisztina’s Real Estate 411 (Real Estate Tips for Real People) – a fun, informative series of webisodes. And to show that I’m not just talking the talk, but walking the walk, I have hired 19 year-old Taylor Whittaker to shoot, direct, edit and score the series. I am pairing Taylor with an experienced Feature Film Producer (who has in fact spearheaded Project 411 on my behalf…thank goodness for best friends!!). I can’t wait to i) see the finished product and ii) watch Taylor grow as a film-maker.

Taylor is a 2005 Sprockets Kids Film Festival Finalist who is off to Film School at Confederation College in the Fall. He has directed and edited 7 Short Films, performed in multiple High School Theatre Productions and is an accomplished guitarist who currently teaches. He’s completely keyed up to be involved in Project 411 and I know that we’ll all be thrilled with his youthful, animated and energetic direction.

To start things off, Taylor will be filming all the action at this Saturday’s (May 2) Oak Park Moms & Tots Fundraiser being held at 215 Glenashton Drive in front of The Oak Park Sales Centre. They say charity begins at home and I have been supporting this fantastic local charity for 4 years. In fact, as announced recently, for every home I sell in Oak Park, I am donating $100 to Moms and Tots. As part of my philosophy of nurturing the creativity in youth (and walking the walk!), supporting this organization just makes sense. Moms and Tots runs Circletimes (Rhymes, Songs and Stories) for babies and toddlers. They also run them in Spanish, Japanese and German!! They hold Reading and Tutoring Clubs and have paid programs in ballet, printing, handwriting, music, sign language, art and yoga. What an amazing way to discover the creativity in your little one. If you’re interested in more info on Moms and Tots, visit their website, OakParkMomsAndTots.ca or check them out at the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre at 2530 Sixth Line, Unit 9. Or better yet, come out this Saturday and have some fun at the fundraiser!! And keep reading my Blog, where I’ll announce the premiere of the first episode of Krisztina’s Real Estate 411 (or, as we call it for short, Project 411!).


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