Susan Boyle – Dreams Can Come True!

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Dreams Can Come True!

I’ve been mesmerized by Britain’s Got Talent contestant, Susan Boyle. (Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know who she is…and if you have been living under a rock, search her on YouTube – but make sure to view the actual show performance feed. The reactions from the judges – Simon Cowell especially – as well as the audience and the backstage crew is priceless!)

The shortstrokes for Susan – she’s 47, the youngest of 9, from a small village in Scotland, never been kissed, learning difficulties as a child, bullied in school – well, you get the picture. So 40 years later, battling depression and anxiety after the death of her mother, she fulfilled her mother’s dream, conquered her fears and walked proudly out on stage to deliver a mind-blowing rendition of Les Miserable’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’. It was a transcendent moment in TV history, as witnessed by the 35+ million hits her video has already received. (And I admit, I’m in for multiple numbers – I watch it every day!!)

It is a great reminder for us all to passionately pursue our dreams and a great homage to the phrase ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. I think, at times, we’re all guilty of settling and I know, at times, we’ve all prejudged something or someone. We all look for inspiration in the world around us, and I’m happy to say, Susan Boyle from a small village in Scotland has provided it for me!

It’s been said that in Real Estate, we sell dreams one home at a time, and I do believe we’re in the business of selling dreams – with a few pesky limitations like budgets! Some of my dreams that I’ve realized: Becoming a World Champion Kayaker, Going on Safari in Africa, Moving to Canada, Learning to Speak English, Becoming one of Toronto’s top Extras Casting Directors and Learning to Play Tennis…Some of my dreams I have yet to realize: Learning to Speak Spanish, Learning to Play Tennis – Better, Going on Safari in Africa – Again, Owning a Vacation Property somewhere Exotic, Selling Million Dollar Homes, Owning Million Dollar Homes!! Oh, I could go on! Bottom line – I BELIEVE IN A WORLD OF NO LIMITATIONS!!!

Here’s my call to action for all of you: be a cheerleader for someone in your life. Information is good. Critique is good. Balanced feedback is good too. But there’s nothing like unbridled support and encouragement!! So pull out your pom poms and help make someone’s dream come true!!



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