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Monday’s devastating earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy sent me straight to the internet. The lovely medieval town which is the capital of the Abruzzo Region reminds me of many of the medieval towns in my native Hungary. It also reminds me of just how ‘new’ my adopted country truly is. It seems so strange in retrospect that someone who grew up in Budapest and spent some of her childhood in Germany and Egypt should end up living in the Oak Park area of Oakville, shopping at Winners and the Superstore! How life has changed for me. Where once we bought fresh groceries on a daily basis, I now stock up at CostCo. Cooking was once a family affair. And now, don’t get me wrong, I can still cook a mean Chicken Paprikash and don’t even get me started on my Hungarian Bean Soup, but takeout Chinese, Thai and Pizza is on my menu as often as not. Walking is still the main mode of transportation for my sister who still lives in Budapest. I walk my dog. (Alright, my husband walks the dog and sometimes, I go with them.) I may walk for exercise. (Alright – rarely.) But driving is my main mode of transportation! (Definite 10 on the truth scale here!) At least one of our more common treats available everywhere in Budapest has made its way to Canada – I’m talking of course about walk-in manicures and pedicures. I love the ‘no appointment necessary’ way of thinking and I love that, just like in my native country, they have become so much more affordable. I’ve always said, mani’s and pedi’s should not be a luxury – they are a necessity! In Hungary, many of our old therapeutic spas are also walk-in. You can take the waters (Hot, Hotter and Cold – just like the days of the Caesar’s Roman Baths) or have a massage. (Again, they are priced affordably so that all Hungarians may partake.) It is always interesting traveling home with my husband or a friend. Even with the WW2 bombings and reconstruction, their cameras are quick to find ancient, interesting views of my city. To those of you who have been past clients, I have shared some of those photos in a calendar I had specially designed and printed. Some of those photos hang on the walls in my home, particularly a beautiful shot of the Danube River taken from The Var. The Hungarian Parliament Buildings are in the background, as well as the area where I grew up! I’d love to share that photo with all of you now (see below). In closing however, history aside, I must say I love being Canadian, and I love living and working in Oak Park!!



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